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How to make Pearl Earrings for your Cameo lady

Posted by Claire Brennan on July 03, 2011.

 I specifically wanted to add a detail to my cameo lady - she's from the Cameo to go set and I had heat embossed her with some white powder - it wasn't the fine detail stuff cos I was looking for a sort of antique finish.

I thought I would give her a pearl ear ring, so I pierced her 'ear' right where I thought it would be, with a sharp pin.

Next I put out a blob of white paint on a tiny bit of scrap card. Card is better than paper for this.

Next I set the pierced hole directly over the blob of paint, and pressed down rather hard.

The paint oozes up through the hole, making a perfect little pearl shaped ear-ring. Now leave it to set completely. You might try making a pearl necklet in this way too - I haven't done one yet, but I am itching to try!

I found that this technique was much tidier than trying to dot one on with my gel pen, I kept getting unruly blobs, but maybe I'm just not that handy with a gel pen, anyhow, hope it tickles!!


  1. Pat Jandacek May 27, 2013

    My first visit to your site (from Becca Feeken’s) and I’m enjoying everything I’ve seen so far. This is a very clever way to get a nicely formed pearl in a precise spot. Thanks so much for sharing your ingenuity!

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