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How to make an aperture with 'teeth'

Posted by Claire Brennan on July 30, 2011.

 Next up is a little How-To, a sort of picture tutorial for folks wanting to make the toothed aperture from this card.

First I selected two dies, a classic circle and a pinked circle - both Spellbinder dies from sets of that name. I picked a plain circle which fit inside the pinked circle. I die cut a plain circle - you can see it here in the pic below, I have set it inside the pinking circle die so that you can see that it is smaller than the pinked circle die - it's the green circle.

I use the green circle as a template and draw around a portion of it onto a pre-cut rectangle which is exactly the right size for the front of my card. I do this 5 times making sure the arcs for a star shape. You can just see the pencil lines on the orange card.

Next, I trim out the star shape with a scalpel. Then I cut two pinked circles with my pinked die.

Then I sponge the front of the piece of card.

Next, I cut up the pinked circles roughly into sections, just larger than the arcs in the star shape.

Then I start adhering them to the back of the  sponged card rectangle so that only the teeth show up in the aperture. Glue was best for this so that I could smooch it around for the best position. One thing tho - if you are stamping a sentiment directly to the front of your card, it's best to do it now, before you adhere the 'teeth'...

See? simple! If it's difficult, I don't do it!! lol


  1. Margaret June 11, 2012

    I think that your stamps are just great and how clever are you. WOW.
    Will be shopping again.
    Margaret Dundee Scotland

  2. Liz Lemon October 15, 2011

    How clever…. I just found your site, fabulous, such beautiful creations and home grown too! I’m a big fan xo Liz Belfast

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