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December Release - Some items now shipping from USA

Posted by Claire Brennan on December 01, 2012.

 US Shipping

Last month we trialled a US shipping scheme, whereby some USA/Canada residents were able to have their items shipped to them direct from our USA base. The feedback we have received so far has been that this worked out great for our USA residents, but was of no real benefit to our Canada residents. with this in mind I am going ahead to try to expand the scheme for USA residents.

Our Canadian folks will continue to receive their items directly from us here in UK for the time being. We found that there was not a significant improvement in delivery time and the cost in some cases was the same if not higher. If you are a Canadian resident and you would prefer to get your items from the USA base, please don't worry, this might well still be an option, just pop a note on your order to tell us your preference and we will deal with your enquiry individually.

The most important thing to remember about our shipping scheme is that at this time, only selected items will be available from our USA base and if you order contains items that are not stocked at our US base, you will find that your order will come to you from our UK base as normal.

The way to tell if an item is stocked in USA is to look at the product page - you will see this graphic displayed on items that are available from USA:

On Products available from USA you will be able to click on a drop down menu to select the option for that item to ship from USA - But remember - we can only ship your order from USA if all of the items you have chosen are in stock there. Orders containing even one item that is not held in our USA location will automatically be shipped from our UK base.

If you have filled your basket and all of your items are available from USA - you will then have the option during checkout to chose the "Flat rate shipping within USA option." This will mean that not only will you be getting your items much faster, you will not have to pay international shipping!! woohoo!  

Our free shipping promotion will still work for USA items and so If your order is over £50GBP you will automatically qualify for free shipping as normal!

We realise that this system is not perfect, but until we are able to stock our USA base with everything, this is the best solution we can offer at present. Eventually we hope to hold stock of all our stamps at our USA location, but you can appreciate that with over 100 stamp sets, this will take a little time...


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