What do these stamps cost in my currency?

Choose your currency from the menu in the top right hand corner of the website!

This is an guide only, because as you know, currency values fluctuate daily.

If your currency is not displayed here, simply contact us to request it. If we get enough request for another currency we'll add it!

How do I know if an item is in stock before I purchase it?

Our store also has the facility to display stock level information. Right under the price you can see the two buttons beside two flags, you can select the item to ship from either UK or USA stock - the stock information is right beside these. Just remember to select all of your items from the same stock location.


Will my order have tracked shipping?

Standard shipping is the default method of shipping for goods from Waltzingmouse Stamps. It does NOT include tracking. This means that I can offer competitive shipping rates. However, as you will be aware, Waltzingmouse Stamps cannot be responsible for items that are lost by the post office and we are unable to replace lost or late shipments.

Tracked services are more expensive and are not offered on the checkout facility on the store, however, If you require tracking and insurance, please email me BEFORE ordering as I will be delighted to accommodate you, many thanks. Unfortunately the free shipping offer will not extend to orders tracked or to insured shipping.   

My Order is late, what should I do?

 We expect USA customers to receive their goods within 7-10 days normally, occasionally an order may take a little longer than that due to public holidays etc. UK/Europe folks should have their orders in under a week. Folks ordering on Friday evening may find that their order shipped on Monday morning, so please take this into consideration when working out if your order is late.

If your order is late, please check:

• your local post office to see if they have tried to deliver in your absence, your parcel may have been too large for the letterbox.

• your neighbours to see if they have taken in your order for you in your absence.

• your address on the shipping email - we prepare labels directly from the address as input by the customer at the time of ordering - your shipping email will show exactly what address the parcel has been sent to. Last year we had 3 cases where folks put in an erroneous address by accident - we have to try to recover the parcel if this happens and this cannot always be achieved.

• your local news to see if there have been weather events or industrial action in your area that may have caused a delay.

These things account for well over half of all 'late' deliveries.

If your order still seems late, it may be possible to allow a few more days waiting to see if it arrives. The vast majority of late parcels do show up a couple of days late, or even a week. In 3 years of shipping we are happy to report that only a handful of parcels have every truly been lost, and we only ever had one that went on a round the world trip before arriving at it's new home after about a month of travelling.

I need my order by next Wednesday, what should I do?

If you have a deadline to meet or an event that you would like to make something in particular for, then you need to contact us BEFORE ordering - we will advise you of the likelihood of getting your order on time and any associated costs that this might incur. Once a parcel has shipped, there is NO way to change the speed of delivery and we advise folks not to order for deadlines unless they have advised us before hand and we have agreed. Waltzingmouse Stamps will do everything we can to accommodate you, but we most certainly cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from missed deadlines, missed parties or events etc.

What sort of Ink do you use?

My favourites are:

Tsukineko Versacolour for smooth even coverage

Tsukineko Versafine for terrific pinsharp detail - and I use this a lot with clear embossing powder when I want to color an image with copics

Memento inks, because the colours are lovely and I can use copics with them

Ranger Distress inks for a rougher, mottled effect and sponging 

SU inks, because the colours are scrumptious

Tsukineko chalk inks for fun.

Versamark for embossing.

If I have an ink that doesn't seem to want to stamp with my stamps, I fist ink up with Versamark, then, immediately, BEFORE stamping I ink up with the troublesome ink, and I get a terrific impression. Try it, it's a neat trick.

How can I get a perfect impression every time?

When you first use a new stamp, take a moment to ink it up and stamp a few times on scratch paper to prime the stamp, alternatively you may find that rubbing a good quality eraser over the face of the stamp before you start will help to prime the surface, I use a fabric eraser, it is extra soft and very good for this purpose.

Look here for information on getting great results with large stamps.

What card do you use?

I love Gina K cardstock - great weights available, I like SU, fabby colours, also terrific is PTI cardstock.

How do I clean my stamps?

The best thing to do is use a stamp cleaner specially formulated for clear photopolymer stamps, I advise folks NOT TO USE Stazon cleaner at this time. It will clean the stamp beautifully but over time it will weaken the stamps. Occasionally I use a mild soap and water to restore the stickines. I keep a very soft old toothbrush around for shifting stubborn ink in corners.

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Yes we do, click here to go to the Gift Certificate product page.

Why can’t I add this item to my cart?

The item is out of stock. You can use the 'Notify Me' tab in the top right of any product page to request the store to send you a notification email when the item becomes available again.

Do you ship to America/Australia/Europe etc?

Yep, I make a huge effort to ship everywhere. If you would like your stamps shipped to America, Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa etc, simply select your country option in the store cart – you will be able to see the shipping cost for your destination before you proceed to payment. And don't forget the free Standard shipping on orders over £60GBP! woohoo!

Can I return my stamps?

Waltzingmouse Stamps is pleased to accept any unopened stamp sets for a full refund, just pop me an email at: info@waltzingmousestamps.com to organise this. I aim to refund via the method of payment, so if you paid via paypal I can simply send your refund via paypal etc. Unfortunately I cannot refund shipping costs. Please note that credit card transactions can only be refunded for up to 50 days after the transaction took place, after that I have to issue store credit in the form of discount code.

Do you sell to trade/wholesale?

We are just beginning our Wholesale trade service, if you are interested email us at wholesale@waltzingmousestamps.com

How long will my stamps take to arrive?

If you are in UK, it usually isn’t more than a couple of days. I allow up to around 14 days for everywhere else, although many customers seem to get their USA orders in around 7 - 10 days.

I ordered several stamp sets and some of them look different, why is this?

Recently I decided to add another stamp supplier to my company, some of the sets you ordered were stock from one company, some sets, from the new company. The sets are made from slightly different formulations of photopolymer and their appearance is different. The quality remains the same and you care for them in just the same way. for more information check out my blog post on this issue. copy and paste this link into your browser to read all about it:


Who did your web design?

I found the most amazing web guy, his name is John Rawsterne and you should give him a shout if you need a web design! He's fab! and a nice guy to boot!

Do you have an Angel policy?

Yes, we do. Waltzingmouse Stamps gives permission for their designs to be used to create finished cards and projects to be sold only if they are hand-made and hand-stamped using a stamp made by Waltzingmouse Stamps. Reproduction of these designs in any other medium – electronic or mechanical, including photocopying – without written permission, is strictly prohibited.

We respectfully request that you do not swop or sell images or die cut shapes created with product Waltzingmouse Stamps. We do not permit the selling of stamped images, nor of die cut shapes made using our dies. While this may seem harmless to you, it would eventually lead to our company having to close. We ask you to respect our copyrights and support the continuation of our business by not engaging in these activities.

How do I leave a comment?

Go to the Store News page, click on any of the titles in the dated box, eg Hello and Welcome and you will be taken to a page where you can comment!!

What are your WMS stamps made from, and how do I use them?

WMS stamps are made in the USA from high grade non yellowing photopolymer resin.

WMS stamps are made from yellowing resistant photopolymers. These polymers are designed and produced for the printing industry and are meant to carry and transfer ink. Which is why they stamp so well.

Photopolymer clear stamps can and should last a life time. There is no specific life span on photopolymer clear stamps, with proper use and general cleaning and care they should last as long as traditional rubber stamps.

Photopolymer is latex free and has NO known ingredients that are harmful to you. The materials used to produce these are bio‐degradable and are also not harmful to our environment.

Naturally sticky back: These stamps have an excellent back adhesion, allowing repositioning on an acrylic block, stamping. Storage on plastic keeps the stamp back sticky and clean for many years.

Easy storage: Stamps can be peeled off an acrylic block and stored on plastic in a folder taking up little space.

Ink compatibility: These stamps are designed to work excellently with all water based inks which account for over 90% of all stamp ink use. They will work with solvent inks, but prolonged use may weaken the stamp.

TIP – When you first use a new stamp, take a moment to ink it up and stamp a few times on scratch paper to prime the stamp, alternatively you may find that rubbing a good quality eraser over the face of the stamp before you start will help to prime the surface, I use a fabric eraser, it is extra soft and very good for this purpose.

Can I buy these stamps for my children?

We make stamps for adult crafters. Our stamp sets are not suitable for children due to the various small parts.

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