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 Choose the same shipping location for all items

Just a quick note on our ordering process - the store operates from two shipping locations, one here in UK and one in USA. It's important to select all your items from the same shipping location - please choose all of your items to ship from UK or all of your items to ship from USA. At present we're not able to split an order and ship some items from UK and some from USA. Orders containing items from both locations will be subject to extra shipping charges or delays.

UK stock ships worldwide - residents of all these places should order UK stock - Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, South Africa, China, Japan.

USA stock ships only to USA addresses

The Order process is as follows:

  1. Order is placed at the store
  2. If your order has an option to download matching cut files (for digital cutters such as Cameo Silhouette) - you will see a download button at checkout.
  3. A Thank you email is sent out immediately followed by a Receipt email detailing the items and shipping address etc.
  4. Order is processed.
  5. Shipping confirmation email is sent only after the item/s have been shipped, These shipping emails usually go out a few days after shipping as shipping is our top priority. You will also receive an email with a link to download any applicable cutting files if you have ordered any stamps that have matching cut files. Cut files are free and you can choose to access them or not.
  6. Order is complete.

If you don't receive an order confirmation or cut file download email you should 

  • check your spam filter.
  • consider whether you have an approval scheme in your email program, these schemes will not allow incoming emails from unapproved senders, please be aware that if you have not ordered from WMS before that our order confirmation email will most likely be rejected, you will need to add us to your list - you can add this email info@waltzingmousestamps.com to your list of approved folks if you like, it should enable your order confirmation to get through. Most email schemes of this kind will result in WMS  receiving an approval email, we regret that we are not able to manually apply for apply for approval in this way due to he sheer pressure of time. In the future when WMS has a larger staff (ie more than me! lol) I will review the situation.

If you have not received an order confirmation, and it's not a spam filter problem, then it is most likely that the order has not gone through properly - you should pop us a little note on info@waltzingmousestamps.com or orders@waltzingmousestamps.com and we'll check it out for you!


Many thanks!



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