Two ways to earn with WMS

There are now two ways to earn more stampy goodness with Waltzingmouse Stamps, the Rewards Program below, and the Publication Incentive, scroll down:

The Rewards Program

How do I join the Rewards Program? Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you do not have a store account, make sure to create an account the next time you complete a purchase.

How do I earn points? Earn 1 point for every £1GBP spent at Waltzingmouse Stamps! Rewards are issued as coupons. Note: points are not earned for any shipping fees, taxes or discounts applied.

How do I redeem rewards? First, you need to be signed in to your store account. Rewards can be redeemed through the Rewards Redemption Page which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the store.

How do I use my rewards? Rewards are issued as coupon codes. Remember to apply the reward coupon code on the payment page during checkout. *Please note that rewards can only be used for regular priced items and are not applicable for use with sale items or other discount codes.

 The Publication Incentive 

 The best thing about stamp designing is seeing what you folks do with our stamps! I have to admit to an extra little flutter of excitement when I see our stamps in print so we have created a Publication Incentive Scheme. It’s open to all.

Here’s how it works:
• Your project must have been published in a printed magazine (not an online magazine) with a recognised distribution.
• Waltzingmouse Stamps must be credited in the supply list or description.
• You need to email a scan of the magazine page to and include in your email a basic invoice, there’s an example below.

Here is what you could get:
A project clearly featuring Waltzingmouse Stamps receive a £12GBP store credit for the Waltzingmouse Stamps Store.
A project using only a Waltzingmouse Stamps sentiment or background stamp will receive a £3 store credit for the Waltzingmouse Store.
Projects which are featured on the cover of a magazine will be eligible for a £30 bonus if Waltzingmouse Stamps are the main element.

Here is how you will receive your Incentive:
Twice a month we will review the publication emails submitted to us and we will send out store credit codes via email. Publication emails will be reviewed on the 1st and the 15th of each month and all emails sent between these dates will be replied to at those times.

Please note the following conditions:
• Projects featuring Waltzingmouse Stamps Freebie items will not qualify for this scheme.
• Only one compensation per project will be issued.
• A Maximum of £50GBP store credit will be issued for any one publication.
• We reserve the right to amend or change this scheme at any time.
• This scheme is valid for publications appearing in print from magazines dated 1st April 2013 onwards until further notice.

Your Invoice should contain the following details:
• Date: day:month:year
• Name: Your name
• Magazine name, Issue Number and date:

• A scan of the magazine page featuring the project.

• details: for example

                1 card featuring WMS £12GBP
                1 card using a WMS sentiment £3GBP
                1 card using WMS backgrounder stamp £3GBP

                total: £18GBP

Send your invoice to:

We look forward to seeing you in print!

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