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We realise that some of our customers might be worried about using their credit cards on the internet. As a result of this, we offer the following information:

At present we use Paypal to process credit card payments and paypal payments over the internet, we at Waltzingmouse Stamps never have access to your credit card information.

If you are not a Paypal fan, and wish to purchase by other means please contact us at and we will try to accommodate you. Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept cheques.

Thank you for your custom

 A quick heads up about Credit Cards and indeed, Paypal

The store checkout system has been upgraded to accept credit cards and this has been largely successful, a lot of folks asked for it, but there is a little issue that I think folks need to be aware of, especially folks from outside N Ireland/UK where I am based.

You might know this already, but if you use a credit card to purchase goods from another country, it is almost certain that your credit card company will charge some sort of fee. They may call it a "currency exchange fee" or a "handling fee" or something of that nature.

It is my understanding that Paypal also do this, I believe that they extract it as part of the exchange rate.

It is something that I was aware of from personal experience, I buy a lot of stuff from the USA and my credit card company charges me for this too, it's always a little amount such as a couple of pounds/Dollars, BUT it can add up. This has only happened to me personally on credit card transactions, I have never been seen a fee of this kind when using paypal to pay for my goodies, but recently I discovered that paypal do indeed charge a fee, it is calculated into the transaction and is not billed as a separate fee.

My credit card folks are quite good in that they make it clear that it is a charge THEY levy and that it does not come from the store where I purchase my goods.

Other credit card companies may not be quite so upfront, they might suggest that it is something to do with the store you purchase from.

This is definitely not the case for WMS. When you process through checkout at our store, you pay only the amount that you see. We do not make extra charges for any reason.

If you see an extra charge on your credit card statement it is most likely from your credit card company, and they should be able to confirm this.

I must admit I was a little taken aback to see that the credit card companies don't seem to be making it clear to folks just what this charge is, or where it goes, but please know that it is not coming from Waltzingmouse Stamps.

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