Very Vintage labels No. 10 (Nestie friendly)

Waltzingmouse Stamps



Matching Dies - Spellbinders labels 10

A fab set with 7 single frame images and 8 little accompanying motifs and a half label design, just stamp it twice on your label to get a full label or use it to make some fabby background patterns!.

As is a feature of my die related stamps I can get so much more in by having some of the stamps have two or more frames. You can ink these up together to get perfectly aligned double frames or ink each frame up individually to get single frames, the choice is yours! For help and pics on how to do this see my blog post here.

All images and stamp designs are Copyright © 2010 Waltzingmouse Stamps, Claire Brennan. The largest label is just under 4.25 inches long by just under 2.75 inches wide, the tiny dotted circle is just over 0.25 inches diameter. Small images show cards made using these stamps, other stamps may also have been used on these samples.

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